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Diploma for Harbour Masters

Professional development distance learning course for those involved in port marine safety, operations and management

Starts 17 April 2018

Hear what our students have to say about the Diploma for Harbour Masters programme

We encourage feedback from all our students, and really appreciate the responses we get. Here is a selection of testimonials from enrolment:

I would heartily recommend the Diploma for Harbour Masters course to anyone seeking to familiarise themselves with the core functions of a Harbour Master. The course is designed and monitored by specialists with a keen awareness of the current skills required to carry out the job, and anyone even considering the role in a modern harbour would do well to heed the modules' carefully considered and clearly conveyed structured explanation of these functions. The prudent advice in the content and the comments made on each module's assignment are a most valuable aid towards focusing the mind on the balanced decisions required to be made by a practising Harbour Master.

Frank McNulty,


The HM Diploma provides broad underpinning knowledge and measurable competence for the Marine and Port industry, modules are well structured, flexible and a useful benchmark to systematically audit own performance, procedures and perceptions. Course notes are a useful compendia of reference representing excellent value for money. Experienced subject matter experts provide feedback, direction and clarification through the forum and assignment scoring, this course is useful and productive for those above, below and beside the Harbour Master.

Steve Hornbuckle,

 Manager, ABP

The course has expanded my thought process and helped me understand more of the 'big picture'. I was able to learn a lot in a very short period of time and became very interested in learning more. It has given me the ability to make better decisions based on greater understanding. What I have learned from the course will help me make solid decisions to ensure we facilitate commerce while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations. I have the knowledge base to make the difficult decisions, be a good leader, and provide a global perspective that would best benefit the port and its stakeholders.

Mike Ziesemer,

 Facility Security Officer, Port of Houston Authority (previously Acting Harbormaster, Port of Galveston)

The course modules are certainly of huge value in terms of the breadth of topic and detail covered and have been of great assistance in my appointment as Queen’s Harbour Master for Gibraltar. I would recommend it to any aspiring Harbour Master.

Lt Cdr N J Chapman RN,

Queen’s Harbour Master, HM Naval Base, Gibraltar

I would encourage anyone with current or future harbour master responsibilities to take a closer look at the programme.

Andrew Pitcher,

 Manager of Marine Operations and Harbour Master, Nanaimo Port Authority

The course materials are well written, easy to read, succinct and relevant to contemporary operations.

Alec Millett,

 Fremantle Ports

A well thought out training package that ties up your knowledge and experience, adds to it, then builds a firm foundation for all serving and future harbour masters.

James Hannon,

 Port Control, Portsmouth Port Authority

I have learnt a great deal and the whole course has given me a much better insight into the workings of a harbour.

Christopher Jones,

 Pilot, Shoreham Port Authority

I found the course very satisfying and the range of subjects were in depth and of a high calibre. I am very pleased with my final grade and thought the administration of the course having chosen the online route was excellent.

Colin Tribe,

 Security Manager, Brighton Marina Company Ltd

This course is very informative and as a harbour master I have found many aspects of the course immensely useful and relevant to my work.

Captain Charles Brabban,

 Harbour Master, North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners

I have found the course extremely beneficial and more importantly relevant in relation to the day to day management of Harbour Operations. The knowledge acquired will assist hugely with my current position and future career aspirations.

Jacob Housley,

 Port Hedland Port Authority

This course is the best out there in the profession and the nearest the industry has to offer to a CoC. A fantastic commentary on the duties and standards of a Harbour Master.

David Collins,

 Deputy Harbour Master, ABP Barrow

It was a great experience for me and I can honestly say that this course did add value to me as a Harbour Master, it gave me a global perspective and focus and broadened my knowledge in terms of my role as a Harbour Master.

Captain Naresh Sewnath,

 Harbour Master - Port of East London (SA), Transnet National Ports Authority

An excellent method for improving overall knowledge of the Harbour Master task.

Nick Randall,

 Deputy Harbour Master, Ministry of Defence – Portsmouth

I'd like to compliment the entire faculty on an extremely well-organised and effective course which has been both instructive and enjoyable.

Simon Pugsley,

 Captain, Serco Marine Services

The International Harbour Master Diploma provides a structured framework for existing Harbour Masters to improve their knowledge and for those aspiring to be Harbour Masters to gain an understanding of the requirements and challenges of being a Harbour Master. I have learned a great deal from this course and I am better prepared to face the daily challenges of being a Harbour Master now than when I started the course.

Nicholas Chapman,

 RN Team Leader Underwater Group MoD Dstl, Royal Navy

I have enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal. Having completed the diploma I feel more confident when dealing with local harbour matters.

Michael MacDonald,

 Ports/Coastguard Operation Officer, Isle of Man Government

A very good course which was very useful and the content of all the modules will make for good reference in the future. The modules throughout the course were very thorough and covered all the roles of a modern day Harbour Master.

Bruce Fleming,

 Harbour Manager, Angus Council