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Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Energy

Develop key knowledge to drive a more efficient shipping industry - study Maritime Energy by our tutored distance learning course

Starts: 25 September 2017

Delivered by tutored distance learning

This Postgraduate Diploma equips shipping managers for the future by delivering the knowledge and critical understanding they need to shape a more efficient and responsible industry.

Energy management is a key strategy to enhance profitability in shipping as well as responding to a tightening maritime regulatory framework.

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Covering a wide range of technical, operational and commercial issues the Postgraduate Diploma programme from the World Maritime University delivers the knowledge and critical evaluation skills needed to make informed decisions and develop strategic management plans.

Issues from ship design and operation through to regulations and alternative fuels are considered in the course. Some approaches come from technology and innovation whereas others can be attributed to compliance with environmental and operational regulations and good business and operational practices.

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Qualification: Professional Postgraduate Diploma from World Maritime University
Administered by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy
Delivery: Part-time Tutored Distance Learning
Duration: 12 months
Application deadline: 25 August 2017
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The modules are written from both a theoretical and practical point of view
which is an excellent mix. The topics handled are useful in professional life

Student 2015

This distance learning postgraduate diploma programme is ideal for middle to senior managers in shipping and related industries, including maritime trade, transport, logistics and offshore energy.

The course will also be of interest to ship designers, masters, engineers, owners and operators seeking to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of their vessels.

It will benefit professionals in government, maritime administration, regulatory bodies and international organisations involved in the management of the marine environment and working towards a more efficient shipping industry.

The diploma will also attract analysts, researchers and postgraduate students seeking a specialised academic approach to this field.

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Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry
President, World Maritime University

WMU is the global center of excellence for postgraduate maritime education, research and capacity building and it gives me enormous pleasure and pride to present this course.  It is my hope that you will find this postgraduate programme relevant to your needs and I invite you to join this course as an investment well worth making. We have a commitment to the highest level of academic and professional standards.

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Delivered by online tutored distance learning, this programme allows you to study and gain knowledge without disrupting your normal work

You will have access to all course materials, expert tutorial support and peer networking using our online learning management system.

Each module ends with an online test so you can check your understanding of the content.

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This is a World Maritime University programme and qualification. The course is taught, assessed, quality assured and awarded by the World Maritime University. Enrolment and delivery is managed by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy