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In-company training

Learn how to create a robust safety culture - protect and save even more than lives!
Everybody from ship owners and managers to the crew on board will benefit from the course
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Flexible, easily accessible, cost effective, global classroom.

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Maritime Safety: In-company training for your business

Distance learning, instructor led workshops, webinars, elearning and blended delivery for corporate groups.

Maritime Safety Management training course delivered over 12 weeks by online distance learning

Programme Overview for this Maritime Safety Management training course

Implementing best practice systems and processes to go beyond compliance and create a safety culture in shipping

What is the true cost of safety at sea?

This distance learning programme shows how compliance with maritime safety codes and regulations is just the beginning. Creating an effective safety culture throughout organisations not only saves lives but can prevent possible catastrophic effects on both the environment and reputation and bottom line of the companies involved.

Download the Certificate in Maritime Safety Management course prospectus here.

Maritime safety management needs to be built in to vessels and organisations as an integral component, guiding decisions and behaviour every day, at every level and should be regarded as a priority for all ship builders, owners, customers and operators.

Distance Learning Prospectus

Distance Learning prospectus

This 12-week certificate course examines all aspects of maritime safety management including:

  • The international codes used to govern and measure compliance

  • Risk and quality management approaches

  • Management strategies needed to create a proactive culture of safety

For a detailed breakdown of the Certificate in Maritime Safety Management course content click here.

Download Module 1 "Introducing Maritime Safety Management and the ISM Code" free here.

Six modules written by subject experts are delivered online, with dedicated tutorial support available at each step as you study the course materials

Shipping is a truly global industry, involving many nations, organisations and individuals in a complex network of trade. It can also be very dangerous, and with increasing ship numbers and sizes, the industry faces ever greater safety risks. Learning by distance education enables all of those involved to study this course as we strive for a safer environment for all.

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"This course is really amazing. It provides a more detailed insight of the marine industry safety standards and ways to implement them within our systems"
A. Reghu
Jan De Nul
"The best thing about this course is the depth of content, and what ‘could’ have been an almost impossible accomplishment was made possible by the careful tailoring of very heady information"

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