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Why you should enrol onto the Certificate in Ship Efficiency...

Read on for the benefits of using distance learning for ship efficiency training...

About Lloyd's Maritime Academy Distance Learning

>> Is distance learning right for me? <<

Distance learning has been proven to be highly beneficial to a large variety of people.
With courses being delivered at different levels, distance learning can meet the needs of a truly diverse student body. High competition for jobs means having additional training and education can be a real advantage, whether someone is in the market for a new career or simply wants to progress in their existing position.

Like any kind of educational programme, distance learning comes with advantages and challenges, and it is always important that a student carefully considers these in order to be sure they will be getting the education programme that meets personal needs, strengths, career goals and corporate objectives.

Flexibility - Students can undertake their course from just about anywhere, providing they have the right communications means, which is mostly just a computer and internet connection – and in some cases we can provide printed materials to even reduce this need. This allows students to work when and where it is most convenient without having to squeeze scheduled classes in to an already busy life.

The hours when study can be undertaken are flexible, and students can work at their own pace and on their own time, completing work during times when they are free, rather than scheduling their lives around a set classroom time.

Choice - If you live in a location with few or no colleges, or your subject area is specialised and not delivered by many people, distance learning allows you to choose from a wide variety of training providers to complete your education, greatly expanding your choice.

Level and progression - Distance learning can help you obtain everything from introductory certifications to a full MBA.

Lowered costs - Prices for online courses are generally cheaper than their equivalent classroom tutor-led counterparts and avoid the usual substantial additional costs, such as commuting, accommodation, meals etc. that are incurred when learning away from home.

Tutor support - Tutors can teach students from all around the world using technology which allows them to facilitate collaborative tutorials, project work, focused content and educational enrichment via modern delivery methods. Distance learning brings you tutors who would not normally be available locally.

Learn while working - As distance learning can usually be completed on your own schedule, you can keep working full-time whilst studying. Keeping your job gives you more income, experience and stability while completing your course; giving you less to worry about and more time to focus on your studies.

Professional classmates - Mix and network via online forums with like-minded individuals on a global basis.

Learning style – people learn in different ways. Distance learning has many benefits for students as you take control of your preferred means of studying our material, and our course directors will help ensure you stay motivated and we’ll help you plan your study schedule.

Social interaction – Some distance learning providers can leave you feeling isolated during your study, but with Lloyd’s Maritime Academy you always have your course director, course administrator and fellow students available via interactive course forums, email and phone so that support is available and you can benefit from all important social learning.

After over 12 years of experience of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy delivering distance learning, the answer is most definitely yes!

Our past students who number in their thousands are evidence of this, with many approaching Lloyd’s Maritime Academy to request more courses and higher level qualifications as they have reaped the benefits of undertaking a programme and want to progress even further.

For many, distance education is the learning style of choice as it offers a lower cost, longer term learning engagement. Study can fit around available time without interfering with work or family arrangements; the training is non-geographic specific and does not require travel, and is free of any other considerations that may preclude individuals from attending traditional classroom courses.

Can a course be delivered as an in-company training for a client?
In-company corporate training deliveries of our courses can be customised to the client’s specific needs and requirements. This may include additional instructor led workshops to reinforce learning, additional content specially authored in partnership with the client, alternative assessment arrangements, client supported tutoring, mentoring and/or coaching programmes and additional online testing and assessment. We even develop whole custom courses for corporate wide initiatives.

For more details of corporate training, please visit the In-company Corporate Training pages, or contact +44 (0)20 7017 4455 / ct@informa.com.

In-company training

Continuing Professional Development

16hrs CPD

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