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Read on for syllabus content of the Diploma in Ship Management...

Course Content: Diploma in Ship Management

Download the Diploma in Ship Management prospectus here for more details.

1) Introduction to the Shipping Industry

• How the marine industry has developed
• World trade
• Shipping markets
- Dry bulk, wet bulk, container, RoRo etc.
• The way ships trade
- Liner and tramp traders
- Charters
• Documentation overview
• Shipping legal framework overview
• The way ships are managed and how they operate
• What support is available to the management of shipping?

2) Employ and Manage Marine Personnel for Vessel Activities

• Plan the workforce
• Recruit, select and retain staff
• Provide learning opportunities
• Monitor and take action to ensure seafarer certification
• Manage induction processes
• Staff appraisals – tool to motivate your team
• Manage personnel travel procedures
• Provide for the wellbeing and welfare of seafarers and office staff
• Key performance indicators
• A ‘just culture’ versus a ‘blame culture’

3) Handling Customers and Planning for the Future

Customer service
- The importance of customer focus
- Identifying customer needs
- Meeting customer needs
- Training and motivation of staff in customer service
- Performance standards
Strategic analysis
- Internal environment
- Products and services
- External environment
- Strategic options
- Implementing change

4) Ensure Vessels are Procured, Maintained, Supplied and Equipped for Service

• Manage the acquisition of vessels
• Vessel disposal
• Develop and implement vessel maintenance plans
• Project management
• Manage physical resources
• Procurement processes
• Organise and oversee the management of contractors
• Establish and implement systems for the management of vessel supplies

Diploma in Ship Management prospectus

Take a look at the full prospectus

5) Establish and Administer Systems to Ensure Continuity of Service, Quality and Environmental Control

Quality systems
• Evolution of quality systems
- Quality management system standards and principles
- International Standards Organisation 9001:2008 standard
- Scope of a quality system
• Significance and benefits of having a quality system
- What has to be done
- Policy and objectives
- Managing quality
• Disciplines involved with quality systems
- Control of activities
- Correct policy statement and procedures
- Staff knowledge and training
- Commitment of all personnel
- Internal and external audits
• Quality systems in the maritime industry
- Classification Societies
- ISM Code
• Inter-relationship between quality systems and legislative requirements of the maritime industry
- IMO Conventions affecting the management of quality on ships
- Type of quality standards system
- ISM Code
- ISPS Code
Environmental systems
• Evolution of environmental management systems
- Background
- Public perception of pollution
- Concerns over air, water, ground and noise pollution
- Environmental management standards
- ISO 14001
• The maritime industry approach
- Strategic drivers and customer demands
- External influences
- MARPOL 73/78
- Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from ships
- Carbon reductions
- Links between ISO and IMO
- Constant changes and amendments to pollution control and reduction
• Key clauses of the ISO 14001 Standard
• Other initiatives
- Carbon trading
- Emission Control Areas (ECAs)
- Cleaner fuels

6) Safety and Security in Marine Operations: Management and Legislation

• What is management?
- Who is a manager?
- What does a manger do?
- The structure of organisations
- Communications in an organisation
- Working relationships
• Dealing with legislation
- Maritime legislation
- International, national and regional legislation
- The complexities of working in a multi-national organisation and industry
- Compliance to legislation
- The results of non-compliance with legislation
• Risk assessment and management
• Accident investigation and analysis
- Corrective and preventative action
- Statistics
- Key performance indicators (KPIs)

7) Safety and Security in Marine Operations: Regulation and Environment

• The ISM Code and the manager
- Understanding the ISM Code
- The effect of the ISM Code on the maritime industry
- The organisation’s safety management system
- Audit schedule and compliance
- The effect of the multi-national fleet
• The ISPS Code and the manager
- Understanding the ISPS Code
- Security and safety – same or different
- Company security officer and manager
- The ship security plan
- Audit schedule and compliance
- Relationship between ship security officer, company security officer and port facility security officer
• Port State Control and the manager
- Inspections and degree of inspection
- Memorandums of understanding (MOU)
- Dealing with deficiencies and non-conformities raised at PSC inspection
- The position of the manager in respect of PSC
• The environment and shipping – minimising the impact
- Shipping and environmental issues
- How “green” is your organisation
- Environmental training
- Health and safety and the company including care of employees
- Health surveillance
- Hours of work and rest
- Ships medical supplies
- The effect of stress on employees
- The effect of fatigue on employees
- Dignity and respect at work

8) Personal and Professional Skills to Support Shipping Services

• Manage your own resources and professional development
• Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
• Working effectively with people from countries or cultures other than your own
• Communicate information and knowledge
• Leading meetings
• Meetings participation
• Combat “organisational waste”
• Continuous development

9) Understanding Finance and Accounting in the Maritime Industry

• Ship financing
- Introduction to ship finances
- The business model
- Profit and loss account
- The balance sheet
- Employment of capital
- Cash flow forecasts
• Costing in shipping companies and onboard
- Costing definitions
• Working capital control in shipping management
• Capital project appraisal in shipping companies
• Introduction to ratio analysis
- Ratio analysis
- Profit and loss accounting ratios

10) Background to Maritime Law and Insurance

• What is “maritime law”? An overview
• Public and private law: regulatory provisions
• International conventions within the maritime legal framework
• What law governs ship management relationships?
• Contract and tort
• Contracts for the supply of services
• Sale of goods contracts: ship sale and purchase
• The employment framework
• Dispute resolution
• Insurance

11) Case Study: Managing a Ship Management Company

A project designed to bring together the various areas of study that form the core modules. Participants are cast in the role of Managing
Director of a small ship management company and asked to complete six tasks:
• Task 1: Establishing the management team and company policy
• Task 2: Set the vessel budgets and funding requirements
• Task 3: Respond to an invitation to manage additional vessels
• Task 4: Managing an emergency
• Task 5: Undertake a review of strategy, operating practice and costs
• Task 6: Prepare for insurance renewals

Download the Diploma in Ship Management prospectus here for more details.

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  • P&A Group of Companies
  • Norwegian Maritime Directorate
  • United Marine Dredging Ltd
  • Beluga Fleetmanagement
  • Seaspan Ship Management Ltd-Canada
  • Air France
  • Dorchester Maritime Ltd
  • Barber Ship Management
  • Asia Ship International Ltd
  • Malta Maritime Authority
  • Q-Shipping
  • C-Mar Group
  • SCF Unicom Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Dubai Petroleum Co
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  • Petrobas Transporte S.A -Transpetro
  • Serco Marine Services
  • Hellenic Star Shipping Co
  • Bestobell LNG
  • Seacor Marine (International) Ltd
  • State Oil Company of Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Atlantic Ro Ro Carriers Inc
  • Enka Insaat Ve Sanayi A.S
  • J.P Samartiz Maritime Enterprises Co SA
  • CMI Offshore Ltd
  • Sherine El Naggar/Naggar Shipping Company
  • Niovis Shipping Co SA
  • Lamnalld Group
  • Gulf Stolt Ship Management
  • Emerald Shipping Ltd
  • Norfolk Line
  • SOFRM 1939
  • Eurasia Maritime Management
  • Columbia Ship Management
  • National Ferries Company
  • Thome Ship Management PTE Ltd
  • Neil Burgess Limited
  • Westward Sailing Ltd
  • MOL Shipmanagement Co Ltd
  • Petrbras America
  • E-thokwini Muricipality
  • Reederei 'Nord' Klaus Transpetro
  • Deena Shipping LLC
  • Abu Dhabi National Tanker Co
  • Din's Trading Sdn Bhd
  • Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd
  • Deckmaster Marine Softwares Inc
  • Dubai Dry Docks
  • Seabulk Offshore Operations Nigeria Ltd
  • P & O Nedlloyd
  • A/S Torm
  • Vale
  • Lannaman & Morris (Shipping) Ltd
  • Offshore Technical Management Solutions
  • Raffles Ship Management
  • Helios Terminal Corporation
  • Baggermy Boskalis BV
  • Constantza Maritime University
  • Vela International Marine Ltd
  • Caspian Services Group Ltd
  • Rehm Thermal Systems
  • Ashit Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Lasco Shipping Co
  • Royal Navy of Oman
  • Bourbon Interoil Nigeria Ltd
  • Smit Amandla Marine
  • Motor Yacht Montkaj
  • Shipmanagement Ltd
  • Samin Shipping Co Ltd
  • Thomas Miller P & I Club Ltd
  • Western Bulk
  • Century Energy Services Ltd
  • Cunard Line Ltd
  • Lamnalco West Africa
  • Maersk Maritime Services
  • Stena Line
  • Glingrow Holding Ltd
  • Amandla Marine
  • Wartsila
  • Balthellas Chartering SA
  • Steamship Shipping
  • Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group
  • Shell Ship Management Ltd
  • Hydrodrive Nigeria Limited
  • Oceanwide Shipping
  • Kreuz Subsea Pte Ltd
  • Rolls Royce
  • Nepal Oil and Gas at Foursure towers
  • INTRESCO Ltd (Ukraine Branch Office)
  • DSL Shipping Ltd
  • Codinvest
  • Clyde Marine
  • Marine Management SCMT
  • Dalby Offshore Services Ltd
  • Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc
  • Satur
  • Waterman Marine Consultancy
  • Modec Management Services PTE LTD
  • Latvian Shipping Co
  • Primorsk Shipping Corporation
  • Dolphin Offshore Enterprises
  • Trans Sea Marine Services LLC
  • Wallenius Marine AB
  • Technip Offshore UK
  • Chevron Texaco Shipping Co LLC
  • Stanford Marine LLC
  • Laskaridis Shipping Co Ltd
  • Ustica Lines Spa
  • Eimskip
  • Sea Management Ltd
  • Fugro Marine Services BV
  • Nautika Sdn Bhd
  • Knutsen OAS UK Ltd
  • Transnave Navegacao S/A
  • Anglo Eastern
  • Thoreson & Co (Bangkok) Ltd
  • Songa Shipmanagement Ltd
  • Vigeo Shipping Ltd
  • Port Authority of Jamaica
  • Texaco Ltd
  • Hull Blyth Nigeria
  • Panama Maritime Authority
  • Murphy Oil Corp
  • IRCG
  • Shenzhen Huawei Offshore Shipping Ltd
  • International Shipping Services
  • Germanischer Lloyd Nigeria
  • Trinity House
  • Grimaldi Lines
  • Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard
  • Hoswon & Simone CPA
  • FEMCO Management
  • Australian Maritime Safety authority
  • Irshs Naval Service
  • Zuidwal 33
  • Windforce Maritime Enterprises Inc
  • MOL Tankship Management Ltd
  • Teekay Shipping
  • Intership Pte Ltd
  • Eagle Maritime RAK FZE
  • The Home Depot
  • MOL LNG Transport Co Ltd
  • Nakicat Switzerwijsmuller W.L.L
  • Qatar Liquefied Gas Company
  • Great Eagle Maritime International Limited
  • Manton Group Ltd
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  • MOD
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  • Unione Ligura Aramento
  • Atlas Services Group
  • A.P. Moller
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  • Tsalos Shipping & Trading
  • GAC Marine Shipping
  • Single Buoy Moorings (SBM) Inc
  • UK Hydrographic Office
  • FMC Oil & Gas Nigeria Ltd
  • A.P Moller Maersk Crewing Ukraine
  • Jo Tankers BV
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • All Marine Spares International LLC
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  • OSG Ship Management
  • Northern Marine Management
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  • TESMA Holding
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  • Transport Canada
  • Petroruss Inc
  • Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd
  • US Navy
  • Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
  • Green Barge Company Ltd
  • Geden Lines
  • Sailing Yacht Selene
  • Intergrate Aluminium Components
  • Serco Denholm Ltd Services S.A
  • ISSC Ukrrichflot
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  • Scott Shipping Management Ltd

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