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Read on for syllabus content of the Diploma in Ship Management...

Course Content: Diploma in Ship Management

This professional development diploma in Ship Management, which is delivered by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy in partnership with North West Kent College, will give you the up to date legislation, knowledge and business skills needed to meet essential industry standards.

Download the Diploma in Ship Management prospectus here for more details.

1) Introduction to the Shipping Industry

• How the marine industry has developed
• World trade
• Shipping markets
   - Dry bulk, wet bulk, container, RoRo etc.
• The way ships trade
   - Liner and tramp traders
   - Charters
• Documentation overview
• Shipping legal framework overview
• The way ships are managed and how they operate
• What support is available to the management of shipping?

2) Business Management Skills for the Ship Manager

• Customer services
   -  The importance of customer focus
   - Identifying & meeting customer needs
   - Training and motivation of staff in customer service
   - Performance standards
• Strategic analysis
   - Internal environment
   - Products and services
   - External environment
   - Strategic options
   - Implementing change
• IT use and strategy
• Project Management
   - Examples of typical projects
   - Project and planning principles
   - Roles and responsibilities, leadership and managing the project team

3) Employ and Manage Marine Personnel for Vessel Activities

• Plan the workforce
• Recruit, select and retain staff
• Provide learning opportunities
• Monitor and take action to ensure seafarer certification
• Manage induction processes
• Staff appraisals – tool to motivate your team
• Manage personnel travel procedures
• Provide for the wellbeing and welfare of seafarers and office staff
• Key performance indicators
• A ‘just culture’ versus a ‘blame culture’

4) Vessels Support Services: Buy/Sell/Equip/Maintain/Supply

• Manage the acquisition of vessels
• Vessel disposal
• Develop and implement vessel maintenance plans
• Project management
• Manage physical resources
• Procurement processes
• Organise and oversee the management of contractors
• Establish and implement systems for the management of vessel supplies

Diploma in Ship Management prospectus

Take a look at the full prospectus

5) ISO Maritime Standards

• International Standards Organisation (ISO)
   - What is the ISO and how does it function
   - Accreditation bodies
   - Audit cycles and how are they performed
• Quality Management Systems
   - The evolution of quality standards
   - Applying quality standards
   - The significance and benefits
   - The disciplines involved
   - Industry legislation and organisations
• Environmental Management Systems
   - The evolution of environmental standards
   - Applying environmental standards
   - The significance and benefits
   - The disciplines involved
   - Industry legislation and organisations
   - The relationship between environmental standards and maritime environmental legislation
   - MARPOL73/78 as amended
   - Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) from ships
   - Carbon reductions and carbon trading
   - Emission Control Areas
   - Cleaner Fuels for ships
   - Anti-fouling legislation for ships
   - New fuel sources for ships
• Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS)
   - Introduction to the standard
• Information technology — Security techniques — Information Security Management Systems
   - Introduction to the standard
   - Relationship with the ISPS Code
   - Relationship with companies and the carriage of privately armed security guards on board
• Energy Management Systems
   - Introduction to the standard
• Social Accountability
   - Introduction to the standard
   - Relationship with manning agencies
   - Relationship with MLC 2006

6) Safety and Security in Marine Operations: Management and Legislation

• What is management?
   - Who is a manager?
   - What does a manger do?
   - The structure of organisations
   - Communications in an organisation
   - Working relationships
• Dealing with legislation
   - Maritime legislation
   - International, national and regional legislation
   - The complexities of working in a multi-national organisation and industry
   - Compliance to legislation
   - The results of non-compliance with legislation
• Risk assessment and management
• Accident investigation and analysis
   - Corrective and preventative action
   - Statistics
   - Key performance indicators (KPIs)

7) Safety and Security in Marine Operations: Regulation and Environment

• The ISM Code and the manager
   - Understanding the ISM Code
   - The effect of the ISM Code on the maritime industry
   - The organisation’s safety management system
   - Audit schedule and compliance
   - The effect of the multi-national fleet
• The ISPS Code and the manager
   - Understanding the ISPS Code
   - Security and safety – same or different
   - Company security officer and manager
   - The ship security plan
   - Audit schedule and compliance
   - Relationship between ship security officer, company security officer and port facility security officer
• Port State Control and the manager
   - Inspections and degree of inspection
   - Memorandums of understanding (MOU)
   - Dealing with deficiencies and non-conformities raised at PSC inspection
   - The position of the manager in respect of PSC
• The environment and shipping – minimising the impact
   - Shipping and environmental issues
   - How “green” is your organisation
   - Environmental training
   - Health and safety and the company including care of employees
   - Health surveillance
   - Hours of work and rest
   - Ships medical supplies
   - The effect of stress on employees
   - The effect of fatigue on employees
   - Dignity and respect at work

8) Personal and Professional Skills to Support Shipping Services

• Manage your own resources and professional development
• Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
• Working effectively with people from countries or cultures other than your own
• Communicate information and knowledge
• Leading meetings
• Meetings participation
• Combat “organisational waste”
• Continuous development

9) Understanding Finance and Accounting in the Maritime Industry

• Ship financing
   - Introduction to ship finances
   - The business model
   - Profit and loss account
   - The balance sheet
   - Employment of capital
   - Cash flow forecasts
• Costing in shipping companies and onboard
   - Costing definitions
   - Voyage planning
   - Bunker management
• Working capital control in shipping management
• Capital project appraisal in shipping companies
• Introduction to ratio analysis
   - Ratio analysis
   - Profit and loss accounting ratios

10) Background to Maritime Law and Insurance

• What is “maritime law”? An overview
• Public and private law: regulatory provisions
• International conventions within the maritime legal framework
• Why English law in an international shipping dispute?
• Introduction to contract law
• Introduction to tort law
• Ship sale and purchase contracts
• Bills of lading and charterparty contracts
• The employment framework
• Dispute resolution: Ship arrest, litigation, arbitration and mediation
• Marine insurance

11) Case Study: Managing a Ship Management Company

A project designed to bring together the various areas of study that form the core modules. Participants are cast in the role of General Manager of a small ship management company and asked to complete a variety of tasks

Download the Diploma in Ship Management prospectus here for more details.

In-company training

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    Nature Group
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  • Engy Shipping Lines
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  • NATO Underwater Research Centre
  • Modec Management Services PTE LTD
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  • Serco Denholm Ltd Services S.A
  • Tsalos Shipping & Trading
  • Panama Maritime Authority
  • CMI Offshore Ltd
  • Murphy Oil Corp
  • Niovis Shipping Co SA
  • FMC Oil & Gas Nigeria Ltd
  • Manton Group Ltd
  • Windforce Maritime Enterprises Inc
  • E-thokwini Muricipality
  • Intership Pte Ltd
  • Gibunco Management Ltd
  • Seamar Shipping BV
  • Intergrate Aluminium Components
  • Single Buoy Moorings (SBM) Inc
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  • Stanford Marine LLC
  • Teekay Shipping
  • DSL Shipping Ltd
  • Great Eagle Maritime International Limited
  • Seabulk Offshore Operations Nigeria Ltd
  • Air France
  • UK Hydrographic Office
  • Shipmanagement Ltd
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd
  • Dorchester Maritime Ltd
  • Serco Limited Marine Services
  • Helios Terminal Corporation
  • Maritech
  • Smit Amandla Marine
  • Glingrow Holding Ltd
  • V. Ships
  • Port Authority of Jamaica
  • P & O Nedlloyd
  • Fugro Marine Services BV
  • Century Energy Services Ltd
  • KGJS Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Cunard Line Ltd
  • Din's Trading Sdn Bhd
  • Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
  • MOL Shipmanagement Co Ltd
  • US Navy
  • National Ferries Company
  • Container Ship Management Ltd
  • Doehle (IOM) Ltd
  • A/S Torm
  • Mitsui O.S.K Lines Maritime
  • Sanko Rotterdam
  • Ustica Lines Spa
  • Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd
  • Texaco Ltd
  • Hull Blyth Nigeria
  • Constantza Maritime University
  • Oceanwide Shipping
  • Waterman Marine Consultancy
  • Royal Navy of Oman
  • Emerald Shipping Ltd
  • Western Bulk
  • CGGVERITAS Services
  • J.P Samartiz Maritime Enterprises Co SA
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Transport Canada
  • Hoswon & Simone CPA
  • Barber Ship Management
  • Offshore Technical Management Solutions
  • Petrbras America
  • Nautika Sdn Bhd
  • Ceres Lng Services Ltd
  • Norfolk Line
  • Eagle Maritime RAK FZE
  • GAC Marine Shipping
  • Velmar Shipping Ltd
  • Unicom Management Services Ltd
  • Mideast Ship Management Ltd
  • Dubai Dry Docks
  • MOL LNG Transport Co Ltd
  • Reederei 'Nord' Klaus Transpetro
  • International Shipping Services
  • C-Mar Group
  • Satur
  • Shell Ship Management Ltd
  • Norwegian Maritime Directorate
  • Scandlines
  • Baja Ferries USA
  • Kreuz Subsea Pte Ltd
  • Knutsen OAS UK Ltd
  • Sherine El Naggar/Naggar Shipping Company
  • International Tanker Management Ltd
  • Steamship Shipping
  • Clyde Marine
  • Raffles Ship Management
  • Crossway Navigation Agency Inc
  • Kyklades Maritime Corportation
  • Black Sea Contractor, Odessa
  • De Schroef BV
  • Latvian Shipping Co
  • Laskaridis Shipping Co Ltd
  • OOCL
  • Gulf Stolt Ship Management
  • Sailing Yacht Selene
  • Lamnalld Group
  • Unione Ligura Aramento
  • SOFRM 1939
  • Lasco Shipping Co
  • Zora Canaries Sl
  • Vale
  • Hellenic Star Shipping Co
  • Enka Insaat Ve Sanayi A.S
  • All Marine Spares International LLC
  • State Oil Company of Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Dolphin Offshore Enterprises
  • TESMA Holding
  • Bestobell LNG
  • Dalby Offshore Services Ltd
  • Brevigtank AS
  • Azalea Maritime BV
  • Marine Management SCMT
  • Seacor Marine (International) Ltd
  • Maersk Maritime Services
  • Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard
  • Thoreson & Co (Bangkok) Ltd
  • MSC Ship Management Ltd
  • Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd
  • P&O Maritime Services
  • Deena Shipping LLC
  • BP Shipping Bunkers (Ltd) Pty
  • Campbell Shipping Co Ltd
  • Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc
  • Subsea Petroleum Services
  • Anglo Eastern
  • A.P. Moller
  • The Home Depot
  • OSG Ship Management
  • Westward Sailing Ltd
  • United Marine Dredging Ltd
  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Industry Services S.A.
  • Stephenson Harwood
  • Atlas Services Group
  • Eurasia Maritime Management
  • Blendong Shipping Company
  • Wartsila
  • Transocen Support SVCS Nigeria Limited
  • Alliance Marine Services
  • INTRESCO Ltd (Ukraine Branch Office)
  • IRCG
  • Eimskip
  • Svitzer Middle East Ltd
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  • Sea Management Ltd
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Nakicat Switzerwijsmuller W.L.L
  • Green Barge Company Ltd
  • Trans Sea Marine Services LLC
  • Tidewater Marine
  • Northern Marine Management
  • Trinity House
  • Rehm Thermal Systems
  • ISSC Ukrrichflot
  • FEMCO Management
  • Atlantic Ro Ro Carriers Inc
  • Malta Maritime Authority
  • Australian Maritime Safety authority
  • Zuidwal 33
  • Ashit Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
  • MOL Tankship Management Ltd
  • Dubai Petroleum Co
  • Celebrity Cruise Line
  • Q-Shipping
  • A.P Moller Maersk Crewing Ukraine
  • Irshs Naval Service

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