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Diploma in Terminal Management

Study the leading cargo terminal management training course

Commences: 5th September 2016

Fees, discounts, and other funding sources for this course


Book on or before 22nd July 2016

Book after 22nd July 2016

UK Individual or UK Company
EU Individual or EU non-VAT
Registered Company

£3200 + VAT @ 20% (£640) = £3840.00

 £3400 + VAT @ 20% (£680) = £4080.00

EU VAT Registered Company
(VAT number must be quoted on your enrolment form to qualify)

 £3200 (No VAT to pay)

 £3400 (No VAT to pay)

Individual or Company outside the EU

 £3200 (No VAT to pay) or
US$4480 (No VAT to pay)

 £3400 (No VAT to pay) or
US$4760 (No VAT to pay)

We regret that we are required to charge VAT on the course fees for all UK plus EU individuals enrolling for the course, this includes anyone using a billing address that is within these territories.

Participants will be billed in either GBP or USD depending on the price option selected on the application form. A GBP invoice will include a EUR price calculated using the exchange rate in force on invoicing. 

Course fees are set for each intake, but we reserve the right to change the course fees at any time, including the rate of VAT charged.

Multiple booking discounts may be available when enrolling groups of participants at the same time for the same intake, and invoiced to a single contact.

Email us for more information

Employer sponsorship

Many companies fully or partly sponsor their employees for our courses and actively encourage personal development in line with company priorities. You should start by discussing your training request with your line manager, training manager or human resources manager to enquire about support available. Make sure you have thought through your reasons for wanting to do the course and how it will benefit yourself, your job role and your company.  Employers can be very positive if you have thought through your reasons for undertaking the course and demonstrate the self-discipline and commitment required to gain maximum benefit from a training programme. We are always happy to directly talk to you and your manager to answer any questions about the course. We’re here to help you so please contact us without delay.

Marine Society

The Marine Society is the leading and most experienced not for profit organisation supporting the wellbeing, personal and professional development of seafarers and shore-based maritime professionals. Scholarships as well as interest-free loans may be offered to UK seafarers (officers and ratings domiciled in the UK) to undertake this course. Contact The Marine Society for more information: http://www.marine-society.org/

ELC Scheme

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy (as the enrolment manager for this course) is an approved learning provider on the ELC scheme (Provider number 2035).  To check if you are eligible and for more information about the scheme please visit: www.enhancedlearningcredits.com. For information about our provision under the ELC scheme, click here.

If you are applying for ELC funding, you must quote Lloyd’s Maritime Academy as your learning provider (provider number 2035) on your CAN. Participants who state a partner university as the learning provider will have their CAN rejected and you will have to request the form is amended. This can delay the processing of your application so please ensure you quote the correct provider details as well as course fee and your chosen start date, in order to ensure your claim can be dealt with promptly.

For participants who are receiving ELC funding, please state this on your application form. Please ensure that in the billing address you state where the invoice for your part of the fees should be sent to and also confirm the amount you are due to pay. As soon as you receive your Claim Authorisation Notice (CAN), please send the original (keeping a copy for yourself) to the address shown on the application form. Please note that photocopies, faxes or scans cannot be accepted.