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Upcoming Courses

Starts: 27th April 2017, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Professional development for those involved in port marine safety, operations and management
Commences: 10th May 2017
Planning, implementing and controlling the flow of goods and services through the supply chain
Starts: 8th June 2017
Managing processes, operations, assets and costs to maintain an efficient flow of goods and services through a warehouse as part of the global supply chain.
Commences: 13th June 2017
Study the optimisation of the efficient flow of materials, information and finances through the global chain of supply and demand.
Application deadline: 18th August 2017. Starts: 18th September 2017, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Continue your diploma course study to a Master of Business Administration
Starts: 18th September 2017 | Application deadline: 18th August 2017, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The leading online Master of Business Administration for the maritime industry from Middlesex University and Lloyd's Maritime Academy
Starts: 26 Sept 2017, Online Learning
The professional development course for all involved in the management of marine terminals, cargo operations and logistics in seaports
Starts 27 Sep 2017, Online Learning
Implementing Key Performance Indicators to improve operational performance and identify cost efficiencies in maritime logistics
Starts 05 Oct 2017, Online Learning
Explaining the movement of freight through the global supply chain
Commences: 25th October 2017, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Core competencies for evaluating risk and assessing feasibility of marine and offshore operations
Coming soon
Ongoing course
Coming soon
Understanding security risks to ports and terminals and protecting these critical links in the global supply chain.

Past Courses

Certificate in Container Shipping, Starts: 26th January 2017
Certificate in Trade and Transport Law , Starts in 2018 - date to be confirmed
Diploma in Ship and Port Agency, Commences: 8th February 2017
Diploma in Port Management, Commences: 8th March 2017
Background to Shipping, 24 - 28 April 2017, Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel
Certificate in Cargo Surveying, Commences: 1st June 2017
Project Management course by online distance learning - Course Home, Commences 8th June 2017, Delivered by tutored distance learning