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Upcoming Courses

Starts 14 November 2017
A vital guide to understanding the expertise and knowledge required to be a successful marine consultant
Starts 21 November
Providing essential dry docking knowledge for effective planning, preparation, operations and evaluation of ship repair, maintenance and conversion.
Starts: 23 November 2017
The leading international qualification for marine and ship surveying – professional development on procedural, regulatory, technical and business knowledge for ship and marine surveyors
Starts: 4 December 2017, Distance Learning
Study the growing importance of utilising alternative means of surveying ships and offshore structures
Starts on 12 February 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Study shipbuilding contracts from parties, commercial issues and modifications, to finance, guarantees, delivery and termination
Starts 20 February 2018, Online Learning
Build your knowledge of Class and Statutory Surveying in the shipping industry
Starts 26 February 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The leading qualification for surveyors of small commercial vessels, yachts and powered leisure craft under 24m in registered length
Starts 5 March 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Study legal, technical, operational and commercial matters for bunker industry stakeholders
Starts 6 March 2018, Online Learning
Essential course for anyone involved in marine casualty investigation and analysis, communicating lessons to be learnt and minimising future risk
Starts 14 March 2018, Online Learning
Develop your understanding of marine surveying – professional development for maritime professionals and potential marine surveyors
Starts 14 March 2018, Online Learning
Study marine pollution issues, management strategies and contingency planning to minimise the environmental impact of shipping
Starts 19 March 2018 , Delivered by tutored distance learning
Providing an understanding of the key principles associated with marine engineering and marine engineering practice
Starts 20 March 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
This course provides students with the knowledge necessary of how to carry out HAZOP exercises, how to plan, prepare and facilitate a HAZOPS, and how to follow up and report the findings.
Commences 10 April 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Comprehensive course covering professional development for both technical and management elements of ship superintendency
Starts 17 April 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Study the legal issues, negotiation, preparation and completion of buying and selling ships
Application deadline 30th March 2018 | Course commences 23rd April 2018, Distance Learning
The premier technical professional qualification for the maritime industry delivered solely by distance learning
Commences 15 May 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Core competencies for evaluating risk and assessing feasibility of marine and offshore operations

Past Courses

Certificate in Cargo Surveying, Commences: 1st June 2017
MBA (Diploma Continuation), Application deadline: 18th August 2017. Starts: 18th September 2017
MBA in Shipping and Logistics, Starts: 18th September 2017 | Application deadline: 18th August 2017
Certificate in Ship Technology, Starts 23 May 2018, Delivered by tutored distance learning