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Upcoming Courses

Application deadline 5th April 2019 | Course commences 29th April 2019
The premier technical professional qualification for the maritime industry delivered solely by distance learning
Starts: 29 April 2019
Develop the skills and knowledge you need to progress to senior management, increasing career prospects, job security and earning potential
Starts: 15 May 2019
A unique educational opportunity to explore and develop your knowledge of key issues in the international management of procurement, contracting and supply in the maritime industry
Starts: 4th June 2019
The professional development course for all involved in the management of marine terminals, cargo operations and logistics in seaports
Course starts: 11th June 2019
Develop and apply key theories and principles associated with ship design.
Course starts: 12th June 2019
Essential international qualification providing in-depth understanding of operational, management and technical requirements for surveying offshore units
Starts 26 June 2019
Study the optimisation of the efficient flow of materials, information and finances through the global chain of supply and demand.
Starts 3 July 2019
Online distance learning diploma exploring the design, vetting, chartering, marine and terminal operations for oil, gas and petrochemicals vessels
NEW START DATE: 12 August 2019
Learn the fundamentals to ship recycling and the role it plays within sustainability
NEW START DATE: 12 August 2019
Study fire safety management, a key component to ship health and safety.
Course starts: 19 August 2019 | 14 weeks
Understand why the Marine Coatings market is growing globally and learn how it can be used to tackle new regulations on ship efficiency.
Starts 19 August 2019
A practical guide to the business lifecycle of ship finance, ownership and vessel operations. Learn how to run your own shipping business.
Starts: 2 September 2019
Material selection, design, installation, flow, defect assessment and integrity management of pipelines
Starts 3 September 2019
A practical guide to disputes in the maritime industry and the different approaches to resolve them
Starts 4 September 2019
Professional development course exploring legislation, regulation, implementation and enforcement related to maritime safety law
Starts on 9 September
Learn how to research, forecast and report on the global shipping market.
Starts 10 September 2019
Study the background to shipping course - exploring commercial, legal, technical and financial drivers in maritime industry
Next intake: 11 September 2019
Comprehensive course covering professional development for both technical and management elements of ship superintendency
2019 INTAKE | Application deadline: 16 August 2019 | Start date: 16 September 2019
Continue your diploma course study to a Master of Business Administration
Starts: 16 September 2019
Study the hardware and processes involved in offshore drilling for oil and gas exploration and production
2019 INTAKE | Still enrolling | Start date: 16 September 2019
The leading online Master of Business Administration for the maritime industry from Middlesex University and Lloyd's Maritime Academy
Starts on 16 September
Study commercial management skills and advance your strategic procurement knowledge
Starts 17 September 2019
Implementing Key Performance Indicators to improve operational performance and identify cost efficiencies in maritime logistics
Starts 18 September 2019
Unique key performance management course for the maritime industry offered by distance learning
Commencing 23 September 2019 - Application deadline 30 August, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Study the leading university qualification on marine insurance, law, the market and claims with the World Maritime University and Lloyd's Maritime Academy
Commencing 23 September 2019 - Application deadline 30 August, Distance Learning
Understand the principles of international trade and maritime law and gain a postgraduate qualification from the World Maritime University in partnership with Lloyd's Maritime Academy
Starts: 23rd September 2019 | Application deadline: 6th September 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
A postgraduate course designed for marine engineering professionals looking to progress their skills and become a marine technical superintendent, or similar.
Commencing 23 September 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Continue your maritime law studies to achieve the challenging and prestigious qualification of LLM by tutored distance learning with the World Maritime University.
Starts: 24 September 2019, Online Learning
This course explores the stages involved in offshore oil and gas exploration, surveying, drilling, construction and production plus the marine assets and vessels involved in supporting offshore fields
25-26 September 2019, Hilton Olympia, London
Two day in-depth seminar, exploring hybrid propulsion options, ROI, challenges and more
Starts 25 September 2019, Online Learning
Brand new course from Lloyd's Maritime Academy on the basics of tanker chartering from spot trading to contract management.
26 September 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Understand the complex legal framework of marine salvage law, conventions, forms, clauses and contracts.
Starts 30 September 2019, Online Learning
Study maritime safety management best practice and ISM code implementation
Starts 1st October 2019, Online Learning
Study the principles and practical mechanics of ship chartering practice and charterparty contracts
Starts 3 October 2019, Online Learning
Explaining the movement of freight through the global supply chain
Starts: 7th October 2019, Distance Learning
An online course to prepare you for the new maritime regulation and the transition to compliance.
Starts 8 October 2019, Online Learning
This important maritime law course delivers a comprehensive understanding of the international regulatory and contractual frameworks that underpin the maritime industry.
Next intake: 9 October 2019, Online Learning
Understand the key principles and tools used by naval architects in ship design.
Starts 17 October 2019, Online Learning
Study marine pollution issues, management strategies and contingency planning to minimise the environmental impact of shipping
Starts on 21 October 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Explore the basic economics around port investment, port development, port pricing and port infrastructure
Starts 22 October 2019, Online Learning
The popular FPSO training course delivered by online learning explores the design, technology, commercial aspects, project management and operation and deployment of these important assets.
Course start date: 22 October 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Core competencies for evaluating risk and assessing feasibility of marine and offshore operations
Starts 23 October 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Study how to leverage Big Data to streamline your shipping operations.
22-24 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain, Venue TBC
A comprehensive guide to LNG bunkering operations, regulation, safety and vessel design
Starts 4 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
A vital guide to understanding the expertise and knowledge required to be a successful marine consultant
5-6 November 2019, IMO
With 2020 on the horizon, this two day interactive seminar covers everything you need to know on the global sulphur cap: examining the feasibility of compliant fuel options for ship-owners.
Next intake: 5 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The leading international professional development qualification for current and future ship managers.
6-7 November 2019, The Barbican
Advanced level analysis of the commercial and legal complexities of Bills of Lading
Course start date: 6th November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
A comprehensive course exploring the role of ship operators and the operations department in shipping companies.
Starts: 6 November 2019, Online Learning
Providing essential dry docking knowledge for effective planning, preparation, operations and evaluation of ship repair, maintenance and conversion.
7-9 November 2019, The Barbican
Understanding the fundamentals of General Average and YAR 2016
Starts 7 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
This tutored distance learning course will provide an advanced guide to conduct an internal audit & comply with current and upcoming maritime requirements such as the ISM Code and the ISO standards.
Starts 11 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
An introduction to marine insurance: terminology, concepts, types of risk, laws, business, policies and claims
Starts 12 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Professional development for those involved in port marine safety, operations and management
Starts 13 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The leading international qualification for marine and ship surveying – professional development on procedural, regulatory, technical and business knowledge for ship and marine surveyors
Starts: 18 November 2019, Online Learning
This distance leraning certificate helps you gaining the knowledge of how a heavy lift project works in practise from chartering to route management.
19-20 November 2019, Dorsett City London
Outlining new guidelines, combating non-compliance and raising awareness
Starts 19 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The leading qualification for surveyors of small commercial vessels, yachts and powered leisure craft under 24m in registered length
Course start date: 19 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Understanding the workings of subsea oil and gas production systems
Next intake: 26 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Providing an understanding of the key principles associated with marine engineering and marine engineering practice
Starts 26 November 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
A comprehensive course giving insight into the practice of ship valuation and appraisal
Starts 27 November 2019, Online Learning
A much-needed course designed to teach students on how to assess risks, how to be safe in a chemical clean up and in the working environment, and how to decontaminate.
Starts 2 December 2019, Delivered Online
The shipping sector is growing digitally. Shipping companies need to understand the risk this causes in light of hacking and cyber-attacks.
Starts 3 December 2019, Delivered Online
Study current issues in shipping and AI solutions
Starts 4 December 2019, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Knowledge and skills for marine cargo inspection, stowage and securing, assessment of damage, surveys and reporting for insurance claims
Starts on 4 December 2019, Delivered Online
This course explores the Chinese shipping industry, its trade lanes, its structure and its role in global trade
Starts 14 January 2020, Delivered by tutored distance learning
A comprehensive guide to the essential legal and practical aspects of tanker and dry cargo laytime and demurrage
Starts 29 January 2020, Delivered Online
Develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of the sale and carriage of goods, trade, terms, contracts, rights, liabilities, finance, documentation and dispute resolution.
Starts 11 February 2020, Delivered by tutored distance learning
The role of the DP is key to provide structure and safety onboard a vessel. This advanced online course will teach you the best practice of the industry to ensure the safe operation of your vessel.
Starts 18 February 2020, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Develop best practice in the recruitment, development, management and retention of sea-going personnel for shipping company and crewing agency employees
Starts 11 March 2020, Delivered by tutored distance learning
Port and Harbour Management - Career development for tomorrow's professional manager
Tailored to your organisation, At a time and place to suit you
Ongoing course

Past Courses

Certificate in Container Shipping, Starts: 22 January 2019
Diploma in Ship and Port Agency, Starts 11 February 2019
Certificate in Ship Registration, Starts 21 February 2019
Certificate in HAZOPS, Starts 20th March 2019
Shipping 360 Training Course, 29 April - 3 May 2019
Certificate in LNG, Starts 1 May 2019