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Steering the ship in the right direction: leadership skills in the age of digitalisation

This is an energising time for leaders to act on business model innovation. However, with the ever-evolving technology and skill base, can leaders always stay ahead of their teams – and do they need to?

Several experts in leadership and technology share their thoughts on how leaders can stay vigilant around the constant evolution of skills and competences of teams. Read on...

7 Leaders Weigh In On Being A Maritime Leader Of The Future

90% of the world’s goods are transported by ships, making the maritime industry a crucial part of the global economy. However, leaders in maritime today face many challenges posed by the evolution of automation, changing economic landscape and globalization.

How is the role of maritime leaders changing in light of that?

7 professionals discuss the most important skills for leaders of the future. Read on...

Women at sea? How to uncover maritime's best talent

The OECD estimates that equalising the role of men and women could increase GDP by 10% by 2030*. With an aging workforce and difficulty in attracting young talent, the maritime industry lags behind diversity trends. Only 2% of global sea force represents women, who also receive 45% less compensation than men**.

In a recent webinar on equal shipping, led by Dr Katerina Konsta, CEO of SeaWorks Training & Consultancy, 8 women in maritime addressed the issues that they faced and continue to face in the industry. They covered organisational culture, lack of a suitable support network and inadequate industry awareness. Read on...

Industry Trends

Oil & Gas Industry Trends 2018: Are the changes introduced by upstream oil and gas companies sufficient?

Oil and gas industry is a principal driver of the global economy, involving major commodity markets and trading. However, this industry is facing a plethora of significant and diverse challenges across the globe which encompasses environmental, geopolitical, community unrest and dissatisfaction, regulatory issues, emerging alternative sources of energy and more importantly falling demand due to slow economic growth. The most recent one is the crash in oil price.

Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan Chari takes us through the latest trends in this exciting industry