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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy contributors

We are always keen to hear from experienced professionals who may wish to contribute to one of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s training programmes, whether as a speaker at a public seminar, an author of a distance learning module, or as a trainer or consultant for our in-house corporate training division.  

Contributors work closely with our professional in-house teams to deliver leading-edge information, knowledge and skills to an audience of individuals who are keen to learn. 

To discuss how you could share your expertise and become part of our highly respected group of contributors, please contact: 

Seminars:    Lucy Harris +44 (0) 20 7017 4412 lucy.harris@informa.com
Distance Learning:    Gina Taylor  +44 (0) 20 7017 4413 gina.taylor@informa.com
In-house Corporate Training:    Chris Atwell  +44 (0) 20 7017 4455  ct@informa.com

There are many ways that you could become involved with Lloyd's Maritime Academy:

  • Speaking at a public seminar: a powerful platform from which to share your knowledge and experience with a targeted group of individuals
  • Authoring distance learning modules: a potent way to share your knowledge with participants who prefer this style of learning
  • Delivering in-house corporate training: allowing an in-depth focused exploration and guidance on a subject to directly benefit an individual client and their personnel
  • Advising on a training programme: working with the production teams for distance learning, public or bespoke seminars, this is a rewarding and interesting way of sharing your knowledge and helping us to devise top quality learning opportunities
  • Chairing an event: an excellent way of aligning yourself with a high profile panel of industry experts, and contribute to the quality of the day
  • Joining a panel discussion as a panellist or chairperson: a chance to engage in industry-critical debate and encourage sharing of experiences within the group
  • Leading a one-day workshop before or after the seminar: a more in-depth opportunity of demonstrating your expertise to a smaller, more focused group of individuals with specific needs and problems. 

All our programmes are thoroughly researched by the production team over a period of weeks, ensuring that all topics are comprehensive, up-to-date and cover those issues that matter to the marketplace.  

A combination of professional knowledge, practical experience and top level presentation and writing skills ensure that all contributors maintain the high quality of learning offered by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

Our distance learning courses are designed to fulfil the knowledge requirements of particular roles in the maritime industry or to offer education in focused areas of importance to the industry.  Distance learning authors and tutors are drawn from academic and commercial organisations to ensure we offer the best quality whilst integrating both academic and industry view points. 

Our in-house corporate training instructors, authors, consultants and instructional designers come from a mix of industry and academia, and we work in partnership to craft a solution that fulfils and surpasses a client’s bespoke training requirements, whether as face-to-face instructor led workshops, bespoke distance learning or e-learning implementations.

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